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First Impressions Make the Sale: 5 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Your driveway seals the first impression a potential buyer has of your house. You know what they say about first impressions, right?

5 Steps to Great Curb Appeal

This Old House has an excellent article on all the different things you can do throughout your home to improve the chances that your home shows and sells well.


Royce-Real-Estate-Front-door.jpgALT TEXT: Royce Real Estate Front Door


I’d like to focus on the outward appearance of your home in this post. Most of my clients want to drive by a listed home before they commit to walking through it. I’ve made a list of the things you can take care of right away that ensure home browsers turn into home buyers.


  1. Paint. Your paint should not be peeling or dusty or shabby. It should look clean and bright.

  2. Paint the front door. If you have a neutral colored home, consider painting your front door a bright color like red or turquoise… a complementing color that causes it to stand out from all the other normal doors on your block.

  3. Re-pave your driveway. As with the coat of paint on your house, the driveway should be smooth and clean - not riddled with potholes and weeds.

  4. Landscape. Your yard should look neat and tidy with flower beds and garden paths that are mulched and in good shape. No need to remind your prospective buyer that actual garden maintenance takes work.

  5. Front porch. Think of your front porch as the teeth that show when you smile… Keep it clean. Again, no peeling paint. And add some interest with flower pots or window boxes and nice house numbers.

Adding Value

Royce-Real-Estate-homegain-top-home-improvements-survey.jpgALT TEXT: Royce Real Estate Home Gain Survey


According to this Home Gain survey, spending $425 on lightening and brightening your home can add $1690 value to the sale of your home. Landscaping adds even more. By spending $564 on your lawn and gardens and window boxes, you’ll add $1777. If you do both: $3467!


This shows that first impressions are very important, and In the long run, you’ll be glad you spent some time on your home. You’ll enjoy your home before you move. Anything to relieve the stress of moving is worth it, right?


Wishing you joy in your home!